D’Angelo’s history and future…

D’Angelo Studio has been a Calgary business for over thirty years. It was started by John Fairbairn as photographer and with the expertise of Dorothy Johnson, who had trained for seven years in England in photo restoration, retouching, and hand colouring.

The studio was sold to Arthur Marchildon of Calgary in the early 1970’s. Art had a wide range of photography experience ranging from photogrammetry while with the Canadian forces to medical photography, newspaper work, and of course Wedding and Portrait photography as well as corporate and business photos. Dorothy agreed to stay on and the copy and restoration remained an important and growing part of the business.

In 1984 Art moved the studio to the atrium of Heritage Square on Macleod Trail and 86 Ave SW and Art’s daughter Donna Cook soon began working there. Donna had worked occasionally for Art while growing up and soon gravitated to the copy and restoration side of the business.

In 1993, the need for a second photographer was growing as Art’s battle with several medical conditions was seriously compromising his ability to move easily. At that time Trevor Carter happened to be a groomsman in a wedding party that the studio was shooting. Trevor had studied Photography at the Alberta College of Art and Design and was also open to the possibility of an apprenticeship. Trevor quickly showed both talent and eagerness, learning everything he could and soon became the head photographer as well as chief darkroom technician. Donna continued to manage the studio while concentrating on the artwork involved in the copy and restoration. In 1997 Donna took over full ownership of D’Angelo Studio while leaving much of the photography management under Trevor’s supervision.

The end of 2011 saw the amicable splitting of the studio into two parts. Donna sold the photography portion in full to Trevor and took the copy and restoration part as a separate business. D’Angelo Studio continues to operate as a thriving and creative photography studio under Trevor Carter.

The studio is now 100% Trevor’s as of 2019 Donna handed over all of her ‘side’ of everything in regards to copy and restoration.

D’Angelo Photography is 50 years old in Calgary.

Trevor Carter, D’Angelo Photography – Calgary AB:

“The freedom nature provides is my chapel. Skiing, mountain biking, scuba diving are my tops. If I can mix that with my family and friends I am in heaven.”

“My shoot with Trevor was absolutely amazing. The level of professionalism displayed by Trevor and his team was unparalleled.  I had booked the entire day to give us time to shoot six VERY different looks.

I thought it was going to be exhausting but the day flew by so quickly and effortlessly.

Trevor is so easy to shoot with. He has a natural ability to draw out the exact emotion he needs and he made sure I felt absolutely comfortable the entire time.

Photography is art and I appreciated his creativity – trying different lighting and backdrops – we even went outside and used our surroundings to give the photos a new depth.

Just look at the final product! I was completely blown away by what he was able to capture. I was very proud by what we were able to produce.

I highly recommend Trevor as a photographer. I will definitely be back again!”

Kathy Le ( Calgary CTV news anchor)